Sustainability in the Bolster Group

Since establishment the Bolster Group has always strongly advocated the important role of sustainability, particularly as awareness has increased in the last 3 years. This feeling was clearly evident in 2008 when the Bolster Group constructed an exclusive local residential estate, Newtown Park, under Sustainable Energy Ireland's House of Tomorrow (HOT) Scheme whereby the required energy performance of the houses had to be at least 40% better than that required by the Building Regulations at that time. Some of the sustainable features in this "A" Building Energy Rated (BER) estate include:

  • Heavy thermal massing.
  • Increased insulation in all external fabric including dry lining of walls.
  • Solar Panels linked to heating and hot water system.
  • 60 mm hot water insulation thickness.
  • Heat recovery ventilation system.
  • Energy efficient condensing gas boilers
  • Unvented electric fires.
  • Low temperature radiators.
  • South facing windows with energy efficient low E glazing.
  • Complete air tightness test.
  • Fit out of energy efficient lighting and appliances.

Newtown Park, House of Tomorrow Estate, including video link to see all sustainability features within the estate:

The Bolster Groups sustainability strategy is aimed at making tomorrow a better place using a barometer to measure its performance under three key categories namely:

  • Sustainable Communities.
  • Natural Resource Protection and Environmental Enhancement.
  • Climate Change and Energy.