Reaction to An Bord Pleanala decision

Note: This statement is to be printed or read in its entirety or not at all. Reaction to An Bord Pleanala decision.

My initial feeling is one of sadness for the future of Tramore, disappointment from a financial point of view, and disillusionment from the many great local people who worked on this project from start to finish.

The objectors will view it as a victory within the cocoon they live in. Throughout the process I have always kept my opinion to myself to allow an independent process to take its course, even at times when many articles were printed with very personal remarks, from ironically people who what us real local's call "Blow In's" and from people who have never invested one euro to improve the local environment that we are lucky to be part of.

In the harsh times we are all living in, which make no mistake is now affecting every individual in some form or another. I will share some hard facts as to what Tramore and the south east has lost with this negativity:

  • A five year program of work across a large number of trades and services for local businesses.
  • An injection of approx 150 million euro to the local economy.
  • 400 jobs during construction with 150 long term jobs after completion.
  • A world wide name and Brand with Jack Nicklaus tagged to the county of Waterford.
  • More importantly the loss of foreign direct investment from an American company who was waiting for the outcome of the planning to invest in this project and make it real.


Foreign direct investment is not just a local issue, it is pivotal in the resurrection of the national economy and this was one of the main oversights of An Bord Pleanala when giving a clear vote of no confidence in the local economy.

I commend the vision that Waterford County Council showed when they granted planning permission for the project, they are the correct people to know what is needed in the local economy yet our faith is in the hands of other's. I would also like to thank the majority of local people in the county and city of Waterford who showed there support throughout the process.

As for the so called "environmentalists", if you really opened your eyes to the problems of planning and development in the country it is the blight of one off housing dotted across the country side built on land which is not serviced, many of which are constructed on flood plains, which has shown its true colours with horrific flooding for people up and down the country. It is internationally recognised that nodes or clusters of housing in a controlled serviced environment is the way forward.

I can also say at a total cost of 1.4 million euro to carry out the design and planning for this project, individuals or developers will not be in a position to finance this level of expenditure or what has now become a gamble in the future, which I assure you will stun the growth of the economy and prolong the recession we are now living in. An example of this is our company diversified to foreign lands five years ago, we now look at what value we get when investing a euro in Ireland or a euro outside the country, and let me tell you the foreign investment wins out each time! What message is that giving to our children who are the future business leaders and job creators of this country.

William Bolster.