Waterford Haven Progress Statement from William Bolster, Managing Director, Bolster Group

In a statement from William Bolster Managing Director of the Bolster Group "We are delighted to be able to commence phase one of the works on the old Foundry site which will carry out the demolishing of all derelict buildings on site. With the size of the site stretching to 13 acres this represents a very significant investment due to the nature of the buildings and its contents on what would be called a Brown Field Site.

While we were somewhat disappointed in the ruling from An Bord Pleannala by not giving a full decision on the total application and taking 1.5 years to do so, the Bolster Group had always set ourselves a goal of clearing the site by the start of the 2011 Tall Ships Race for Waterford, which we are happy to commit to. We believe this is a big vote of confidence in the area and will contribute significantly towards presenting Waterford as a good clean vibrant city to the many visitors and world press expected for the upcoming Tall Ships Visit.

I would like to thank Waterford City Council for their support from the very beginning by granting planning permission on the site. In more recent times I would like to thank the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the HSA (Health and Safety Authority) and my own management team for their continued support while we were preparing works to demolish the buildings on the old Waterford Stanley Site.

In light of the sometimes extreme negative local and national press from many sectors of the media towards builders, developers and business people in general, I would hope that people can now start to look forward and be more positive. Business people will always have to take calculated risk and this should be encouraged rather than frowned upon, because without risk and vision you will never move forward and create!! On another positive note I would also like to announce that the Bolster Group are delighted to be one of the sponsors for the 2011 Tall ships visit to Waterford, which is a credit to the organizing committee for the massive effort given to this fantastic world event. To keep up to date on this and much more visit our web site www.bolstergroup.com